Andreas Karatsolis

Associate Director of Writing, Rhetoric and Professional Communication  at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Teaching and Learning

Your learning is useless to you till you have lost your textbooks, burnt your lecture notes and forgotten the minutiae which you learned by heart for the examination. The function of a University is to enable you to shed details in favor of principles. 

Alfred North Whitehead, The Aims of Education

Research Interests

  • Technologies of writing 
  • Language learning collaborative environments
  • Outcomes-based assessment 
  • Classical Rhetorical pedagogy
  • Methodologies of analyzing text

Courses Taught

At Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
3.014 Materials Science Laboratory (communication lead)
15.418 Laboratory in Corporate Finance (communication lead)
10.26/27/28 Chemical Engineering Projects Lab
21W.747 Rhetoric
At Carnegie Mellon University Qatar 
76-270 Writing in the Professions
76-478 Online Information Design
76-373 Contemporary Public Discourse and the Classical Rhetorical Tradition
76-318 Communicating in the Global Marketplace
15-221 Technical Communication for Computer Science
At Other Institutions (selected)
Principles of Communication in Health Professions (ACPHS)
Business Communication for MBA students (ALBA)
Writing for Classroom and Career (Rensselaer)

Recent Publications

Andreas Karatsolis, Suguru Ishizaki, Marsha Lovett and Stacie Rohrbach (2016) “Supporting Technical Professionals’ Metacognitive Development in Technical Communication through Contrasting Rhetorical Problem Solving.” Technical Communication Quarterly Volume 25, 2016 - Issue 4( URL: 
Andreas Karatsolis (2016). "Rhetorical Patterns in Citations across Disciplines and Levels of Participation." Journal of Research in Writing, Vol. 7, No. 3 | February 2016, 425-452
Nicholas Cifuentes-Goodbody and Andreas Karatsolis (2015). “More Than a Mirage: The Role of Assessment in International Accreditation.” In Assessment of Learning in Higher Education, Claus Nygaard, John Branch & Paul Bartholomew editors, Libri Press
Suzanne Lane, Andreas Karatsolis and Lily Bui (2015). “Graphical Abstracts: A Taxonomy and Critique of an Emerging Genre” Proceedings of SIGDOC 2015 International 
Andreas Karatsolis and Khalid Al-Quradaghi (2015). “The Role of Communication in Supporting Innovation through Research Indicators” Proceedings of the IEEE International Professional Communication (PROCOMM 2015) Conference 
Andreas Karatsolis and Lito Karatsoli-Chanikian (2014). “Using principles from architecture to inform HCI design” ISDOC '14: Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems and Design of Communication. 

Brief Bio

Andreas Karatsolis is the Associate Director of Writing, Rhetoric and Professional Communication and a Media Assessment Specialist for the department of Comparative Media Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He previously taught professional Communication and Information Design at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar and directed the Qatar campus Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence. He holds a Ph.D. in Communication and Rhetoric from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 
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Contact Information

Writing, Rhetoric and Professional Communication
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
55 Hayward Street, E39-371
Cambridge, MA 02139 
Phone: (617) 253-3375
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