Professional Life

I started teaching a little before I turned 20 and haven't stopped since. In all these years, I was very fortunate to have been able to design courses and curricula in fields and topics that I found fascinating, ranging from ESL to XML, from Literature to Information Design and from Classical Greek to Human-Computer Interaction. And yet it still feels that I have always been teaching (and learning from my students and colleagues) about the same thing: the power of words and images to captivate audiences and help authors accomplish their goals. Perhaps that's why I decided to spend most of my professional career interacting with engineers and scientists, as they not only have clear goals, but they can appreciate the value of techne, the combination of theory and art which one needs to solve problems -- even when they are rhetorical.


After 27 years of marriage, three kids so far apart in ages they almost belong to different generations, nine homes in six cities, and five household moves across continents, I can safely say my nuclear family is the center of my world. All of my good days are the result of their love and support, and I've been working hard to do the same for them. And yet, I feel very fortunate to have also been able over the years to make connections to people in Greece, the United States, and Qatar who I would call my "brothers and sisters" -- people who have enriched my life in many ways and I am grateful for their friendship.


Over the past eighteen years, I have coached boys and girls teams, starting with U6 all the way to a Men's University team. During this time, I pursued all the coaching certifications I could, including the National Diploma from NSCAA, not because I intended to be a professional coach, but because I enjoy learning more about the game, and being able to teach my players to enjoy learning it with me. In certain contexts, I will probably respond more readily if someone calls me "coach" than if they call me "professor" -- though I consider the use of both terms equally flattering. 
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